Chettinad Cuisine

Savor the spicy goodness of South Indian cuisine!

The Chettinad Heritage, invites you to experience the rich cultural heritage of Chettinad. The cuisines of Chettinad is remarkable. The authentic Chettinad dishes are prepared in our live kitchen in the traditional cooking style from fresh ingredients and spices. Thanks to the age old wisdom of our experienced chef, you will enjoy a feast of Chettinad cuisine in its authentic taste.

Chettinad is well known for its houses, embellished with marble and Burma teak, wide courtyards, spacious rooms, and for its 18th century mansions.

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Chettinad Cuisine

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Authentic Chettinad Restaurant

 Chettinad cuisine is the most renowned cuisine from Tamil Nadu. Fresh ground masalas from a variety of spices give their dishes its unique flavour.